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'Landscape' refers to the way humans perceive and modify their physical environment, shaping the backdrop of our individual and collective existence. It is a construct of human activity and interaction, both tangible and symbolic, endowed with meaning, memory, and value.


In the course of living and dwelling, people engage with and interpret their surroundings. The land and environment not only serve as a setting for our lives but also play a pivotal role in defining our self-perception. They are integral to the stories we tell about ourselves, aiding in the articulation of our individual and collective identities.


In the context of contemporary modernity, our experiences and connections with space are continually reshaped and disrupted by the relentless advancement of technologies that accelerate movement, enable virtual interactions, and wield the power of destruction.


Amidst these changes, the question arises: how do people anchor their identities and memories in an ever-evolving world? Where do they find a sense of place and continuity in a landscape that is constantly transformed by technological progress and shifting cultural paradigms?

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