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TikTok In Kham 

In just seven seconds, a TikTok video catapulted DingZhen, a humble Tibetan yak herder, into overnight internet stardom, reshaping not only his life but also leaving a profound impact on his hometown. Inspired by Dingzhen's success, local youth embraced social media to share their stories, aspiring to become influencers. This newfound visibility brought the remote village into the national spotlight, fostering an exchange of cultural awareness and challenging traditional norms. Social media transformed local traditions, introducing birthdays and other festivities, once foreign to the culture, into integral parts of the social calendar.


Meanwhile, online webcasting became a powerful tool for locals, drawing attention and monetary gifts as they showcased both extravagant events and the daily routines of nomadic life. This direct connection with followers enabled them to sell local produce without intermediaries. Offline, the influx of visitors led to burgeoning opportunities, transforming locals into guides for village tours and prompting the transformation of living spaces to host guests. Social media facilitated communication beyond geographical constraints, allowing locals to engage with individuals from diverse regions and nationalities.


The village, once secluded, has become a tourist attraction, attracting thousands of admirers who are drawn to the unique way of life. Particularly, female fans leave urban environments to immerse themselves in the romanticised existence they believe locals lead, learning Tibetan and contributing to local households. This case illustrates how social media not only reshapes virtual realities but also influences physical communities. The long-term implications of social media stardom on the village remain to be seen, and this ongoing project aims to document the evolving story.

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